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Kimiko was taken aback by Min-Jae's statement. It was true he looked bad, she could readily believe that he was in fact dying. But she didn't find herself rushing to his aid like she had always assumed she would have done if she been in a similar situation. Now however she didn't move, she just stayed where she was.

It wasn't that she didn't want to help Min-Jae. She just didn't trust the scenario they found themselves in. If she tried to help Min-Jae tend to the wound his fight had caused she left herself to open to Blair attacking them, Min-Jae himself taking advantage of her or someone else just happening to stumble upon them. It was a form of paranoia and Kimiko knew that but it was a healthy degree of it that was helping keep her alive. It had helped prevent her becoming like the girl on the floor.

Despite her suspicions and wariness however Kimiko knew that she needed to lower her gun to deescalate the situation. Rising properly to her feet made her ankle flare up in pain where Isabel had cut it but Kimiko tried to ignore it as best she could. She kept her eyes on Blair and Jae as she moved, making sure they didn't try to do anything while she was at a disadvantage.

Using her left hand again she signed out a response to Min-Jae.

"Do you need help?"

In a strange way it felt good to be able to talk naturally to someone again even if the situation wasn't a pleasant one. She didn't think she would get another chance after Caleb. It was refreshing to be able to engage in a proper conversation for perhaps the last time. Kimiko was aware though that Blair was out of the loop with the conversation and as such could have thought they were saying anything. She picked her gun up and propped it against the side of her body using her arm, freeing her hand up so she could communicate with Blair.

"We're not plotting."

She tried to make the genuineness of the statement show in her eyes but wasn't sure how well it translated in the darkened room. After the near communicative freedom of talking to Min-Jae having to return to the clunky and slow letter by letter method of communication for Blair was a stark reminder of where she was. No matter what happened both of the people standing opposite her would need to die if she wanted to return home; to whatever new struggles that brought with it.

That was a problem for the future though, for now she was in a stand-off that featured three guns. Just because they hadn't turned to violence so far didn't mean it wasn't going to happen at some stage and she needed to be aware of that.

One mistake could make all the difference.
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