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Oh right. Kimiko had the whole mute thing. That made things weird.

More problematic than Blair's minor social faux pas was the followup hand gestures between the other two. Blair hadn't the slightest knowledge of any form of sign language, unless you counted thumbs-up, flipping someone off or whatever. There was no indication to tell Blair what was being discussed.

Glancing from Jae's movements to Kimiko's, Blair felt a familiar anxiety bubble up, ironically a familiar anxiety about unfamiliarity. She was in a situation she couldn't try to analyze, and it was both scary and frustrating. The best she could do was sit there and watch for trouble. The two seemed more shaken than anything, after all, and with Jae's injuries Blair hoped Kimiko would be more worried about him than her.

Since running off here might get her shot, she'd just play nice and watch for the slightest notion of an attack to know if she'd have to bolt. Biting her lower lip, Blair stayed put and waited. Whether she was waiting for an all-clear or a warning sign was as yet unclear. She tried to glance backwards towards the hallway, trying to work on an escape route if she sensed ill intent, but couldn't take her eyes off of Kimiko and, more importantly, Kimiko's rifle. A sudden, absurd thought crossed her mind; if only she had chameleon eyes, which if she recalled had independent eye movement.

She didn't smile, but the silly idea lifted her spirit. For the moment.
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