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Neither of them tried anything. That was good, it meant she didn't have to use the rifle. Not yet anyway.

Blair said that she could leave but Kimiko wasn't sure if she trusted her. In truth she had no reason not to trust Blair but that had the side effect of her not having any reason to trust her either. There was no way of knowing Blair wouldn't try looping around behind her to shooting her through the other broken mirror. Blair had a gun after all and Kimiko knew she had used it. So letting her walk way was a risk she wasn't going to take. Kimiko just remained silent in response to Blair, instead of giving a response she merely kept the gun trained on the pair.

Min-Jae was a known factor or as much of one as there could be on the island. He was someone she had known once and he was now a killer like she was. He didn't have as many kills as she did but that didn't make him any less dangerous. He looked like he had survived more than most people had face on the island. If he was able to keep himself moving and functioning giving the state he was in it meant he was still a threat that needed to be taken seriously.

Even so when he spoke to her in sign language she was caught off-guard. Her eyes widened slightly and she felt a twinge of something in her gut. The last time someone had spoken to her like that had been Caleb. She didn't even know Jae had learned sign language. She took her left hand off the grip of the gun, her right still remained by the trigger leaving the rest of the guns weight resting on the lip of where the mirror used to be. The low wall it created helping to keep most of her body behind cover.

She raised her left hand up and returned his greeting with a shaking hand.

"Good morning."

Kimiko didn't know what to do next so with her hand that was already raised she signed out a reply to Min-Jae.

"What happened?"

Hopefully everything would stay calm.
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