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Of course her slow and cautious decision-making pause would end up screwing Blair over worse than making a reckless snap decision. Of course.

So focused on identifying any signs of life in the room before her, she'd completely failed to notice the sounds of an approaching person until he tackled her to the ground. Blair shrieked in alarm, her finger pulling the machine pistol's trigger to unleash a burst of bullets more out of reflex than anything. A moment later and she was down on the ground, slightly disoriented but thankfully mostly unhurt.

Unfortunately, she was still pinned to the ground by someone much taller and heavier than she was, so as soon as Blair had her wits about her it became apparent that she was stuck. The machine pistol was still in her grasp, and it was the other arm that was pinned under her, but the angle made it impossible to point it at anything but the doorframe.

A moment of panic gripped her. If she couldn't get up or shoot them or fight back, how was she going to get away? If this asshole was trying to kill her, she might be fucked. Shit, shit, shit-

Oh, wait. He wasn't strangling her or anything. After a moment, he rolled off of her, even. Blair bounced up to her knees, gasping for air in between raspy coughs. God, what a load of shit. If someone was going to kill her with suffocation then she would have to kick God's ass, or whoever it was that decided ironic death was appropriate for this hellhole.

As Blair was about to stand up, though, the sound of something similar to a gun cocking brought Blair's attention to Kimiko. Who had killed like 6 people by now, including another killer, Nancy. She had a big gun aimed in the general direction of Blair.

Her eyes widened. Shit. Blair's first instinct was to put her hands up like she was being arrested, but luckily she didn't do that because that was a fucking stupid idea. You only did that so the cops didn't shoot you, but here there was a good chance Kimiko would shoot her no matter what. Then again, she had had a good opportunity to kill Blair and the dead-looking guy a second ago, so maybe she was holding back for some reason?

Blair stood up, both hands on her own firearm, but pointing it at the ground, finger off the trigger. She wasn't exactly confident that she could win a quick-draw if it came to that, but Kimiko didn't need to know that. Finally able to muster some of her lung capacity to speak, Blair croaked out, "Hey, uh, thought I heard someone in here." She cleared her throat again. Corpse on the ground didn't look shot up, so possibly Kimiko hadn't killed her. How wonderful.

"I can just, like, leave?" Blair glanced between Kimiko and the guy on the ground, who was bloody all over and also alive, possibly by technicality. Min-jae, was that him? Hadn't he killed a bunch of people, too? Jesus, was this a murderer convention or what?

Her eyes returned to Kimiko, trying not to betray any fear.
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