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A long time ago, Emma had hopes and dreams.

She’d always been somewhat ambitious, so she knew what she wanted ever since she was little. She wanted to be a doctor, she wanted to help her community, and live a good life. So, she pushed hard for it. She’d kept her grades up, she ran for class president, she tried to improve the school any way she could.

However, the truth was, as determined as Emma was, she also suspected her life would be normal. She’d graduate Cochise, go to college and then medical school, maybe meet someone, maybe start a family with them, maybe go back to living on the Luz compound with her relatives. And then she’d grow old, and eventually die. Of course, there’d been a few times she wondered how much of that was still possible, even back home. Her illness, for example, probably made a lot of that trickier.

It was funny what you think about when you’ve fallen to the floor from a gunshot wound to the torso.

Emma tried to lift her head up, her vision blurring even with her glasses. Her entire body throbbed with a kind of numbness. However, she’d knew what’d happened. She’d been shot, she’d fallen on her back, she was… bleeding. From multiple places. Her face was probably scratched up, or perhaps worse. Her leg still had debris sticking out.

She tried to pull herself back up. Put her hands on the floor underneath her, try to sit up. Try to get away. She knew it’d make her injuries worse, but she had to get back up, try to escape. Fiyori and Alba were likely planning on finishing her off-

She was done for.

No, she wasn’t. She still had hopes, things to do, even here. She was supposed to bury Sabrina, she was supposed to live. She still had things to do, things she wanted to do, things she was supposed to do. People could survive all kinds of things, right? Right? People could live through anything if they just knew what to do, had the drive to-

But could she live through injuries like this?

Emma kept trying to push herself up. She sobbed, she breathed, she gasped. Each time, her arms were weak, too weak, to pull her into a sitting position. It wasn’t even like the usual numbness. It was cold-

It was cold. Her heart was pounding impossibly fast. Her skin felt sweaty. She knew her chances were low, even with her racing thoughts.

But she had to keep trying.

A few more tries of getting back up. She dripped blood onto the floor as she did, a puddle forming around her torso and leg. But a few seconds later, her limbs didn’t respond at all. She was left looking at the cold gray ceiling, her vision fading in and out. One second it was pure darkness, only for the ceiling to fade back in. She heard her own sobs, felt her own tears.

She had no idea what Fiyori and Alba were doing. If they were going to kill her, if they’d run away, or what. But she had to stay awake, keep going. She had to stay awake, she absolutely had to stay awake. Please let her stay awake.

A few more seconds later, and Emma went silent. She stopped struggling. Her eyes, once filled with desperation, slowly dimmed. Emma lay still, her sister’s body laying just a few feet away on a gurney.

If you saw the look on her face alone, you'd think she'd just woken up from a nightmare.

Female Student #022 Emma Luz- ELIMINATED

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