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Kimiko heard a shriek and gunfire, followed by some glass falling from the edge of what remained of the one way mirror. It was from the interview room, she heard more movement but no more sounds of violence. It left her with a choice.

Neither option was particularly appealing to her on any real level. But she felt like she had to do something but she wasn't sure if what she had decided to do was even the right thing to do. It was nearly an impossible question. Just one of the many she and others had been forced to make as time had gone on. Past a point whether or not something was the right thing to do changed. There was no way to tell how their decisions could cause a domino effect and bring the entire house of cards tumbling down.

That entire idea had been a powerful motivator for Kimiko. She had spent her time working towards one goal and she had been reminded that in the end that it may have been wasted effort. All her struggle a pointless endeavor when all was said and done. She wouldn't know that until that time arrived though. That was a piece of knowledge that terrified her. She swallowed and took a deep breath, wondering just what she must have looked like.

It had been...the days had been long.

She swung the assault rifle up and rested it on the lip of the mirror, taking stock of the room for the first time since the boy and girl had fought. Now it turned out there was another boy and another girl, although of the pair the boy, Jae looked to be in the worst shape.

Kimiko had first met Jae when she had moved to Kingman. He had moved to the town around the same time she had and they'd become friends but eventually they had ended up drifting apart due to a combination of factors, none of it was helped by their disagreements over his treatment of other students. In the end they had just stopped being friends. Blair was someone else Kimiko was aware of but she wasn't friends with the girl or even knew that much about her. Regardless they were both here now and both within her sights.

She pulled back the bolt handle to get their attention, the noise splitting through the air in the room.

Keeping her eyes on both Jae and Blair Kimiko waited for their reactions.
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