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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Before Alba could get an answer, a large force hit her. The girl hit Alba with the gurney. She hit Alba right in the gut, causing her to stumble back a bit. Alba's hand moved up on the rifle as she stumbled backwards. Alba didn't mean to move her hand up; it only happened because her grip loosened when she got hit with the makeshift battering ram. For a split second, she thought that she was going to drop the gun, so she quickly grabbed the first part of the gun she could.

That's when a noise went off, and the air escaped from her lung.

Earlier, when she and Fiyori began to search for Jae, Kimiko, and anyone else who was left, she remembered that she needed to be more prepared in case danger came up. For that, she decided to save some time and to turn the safety off the gun. That split second could save her life or Fiyori's if they got attacked.

Looking back, that was a really stupid and reckless idea.

The bullets tore up the floor, sending bits of tile into the air. Alba quickly let go of the trigger and let herself fall on her rear end. Her breathing returned, but as she looked forward, she was frozen in shock.

"Oh god..."
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