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Can you hear me?
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She physically withdrew a bit as Alba stepped closer.


Emma looked back at Sabrina, as if she’d have something to say on the whole thing. She was still motionless, still resting under sheets.

“It’s my… my sis- sist-“

She couldn’t get the words out. It was funny. Back home, she got words out easily, didn’t she? Sometimes, even when she was tired, she still could say stuff easily. Didn’t she have a leadership position? But she couldn’t just tell them she was her sister.

Were they genuinely trying to help? Did she find someone who had a few scraps of decency left? For a second, Emma thought about what she saw this morning, before she… found Sabrina. There’d been a list of rules for pacifism, she guessed. Was there a chance that even someone like Fiyori could be genuinely helpful?

Her facial features softened at the thought. But they hardened a second later.

No, they couldn’t. Some part of her wanted it to be true. But, she couldn’t take that risk.

“She isn’t on that list.”

Emma gripped the gurney tighter.

“I’m sorry.”

She hoped that it was enough. Maybe they’d just walk away. But her eyes flicked towards the sword yet another time, just in case.

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