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Jon rolled down the stairs, electricity coursing through his veins. He grasped at the railing as he fell, trying to stop his descent. He hit the bottom, landing on his back with a wet thud into the knee deep water.

"I'll kill you..."

He heard the footsteps disappear into the distance above him as Jae made his escape. He tried to roll to his front, but the machete hanging out of his gut was making it that much harder. He tried to reach up and grab the railing, trying to pull himself up. His hand slipped and he fell back into the water.

"I'll kill-"

His body strained hard to keep his head above the water, but his shoulders and neck kept giving out under him. He pulled himself up again, long enough to call out to Jae. "Coooome baaack! I'm not done with you!" He fell back into the water again. His legs weren't working for him anymore...

He had to climb out of here... He had to catch Jae, he had to find Alba... He couldn't let it go like this, he needed to do something. He reached his arms up to the railing, gripping it as hard as he could. He started to pull himself up... All he had to do was get up the stairs, he could drag himself the rest of the way... He had to hang on, he couldn't give up yet. As he dragged himself up he wondered, "Why?" What was the point, why couldn't he just let it end?

That moment's hesitation forced Jon's hands to slip. He fell back, the drop into water feeling much longer then it did the first two times. He could notice a similar feeling he had back when Jae pushed him off the bell tower.

He splashed into the water sinking deeper and deeper, his whole body submerged. It felt much deeper than before, and no matter what he tried to do, he just found himself sinking further and further into the water. He saw the stairway slowly rising away from his vision, getting smaller and smaller as he sunk into the abyss. He kicked his legs as he reached for the stairwell, trying his hardest to swim back up and reach it, his lungs burning for air.

He was getting closer to it, he could make it, he could warn Alba, he could still do something! He continued his swim up the water when something grabbed his foot and dragged him back down. He kicked away from the hands and tried to swim back up, only for them to come back and pull him down. He fought against them, but they just pulled themselves up him and tangled around him.

The more he fought the more arms he could feel wrap around him. He could only watch as the stairwell got smaller and smaller as his vision of it blurred and his lungs burned. He couldn't fight it anymore...

Jon gasped for air choking and spitting up water on the beach. He curled his fingers underneath the sand and looked towards the ocean he was pulled out of. He could still faintly see the stairwell down there. What the?

Where was he? What happened? He looked around at himself, at the wounds he thought he had. They were gone, all of them. Jon felt his face, he could feel that he had both of his eyes back, that... even the scar under his eye, the one he had most of his life... It was gone. It was all gone.

He turned around to catch his bearings, and he saw... Everyone. Michael, Barry, Darius, Brendan, Coleen... All of them. They were all fine. Barry wasn't broken anymore, Darius was in one piece, Michael wasn't torn apart, Brendan was still whole... Coleen's hair was tied back, but there were no burns on her face anymore... They were all there.

Jon realized what this was... He turned his head back to the water, and saw that the stairwell wasn't there anymore... He didn't want to go back anyways.

He heard their voices behind them as he tried to put everything together.

"It's over."

"You don't have to worry anymore."

"It's finished, no more pain."

"It's okay Jon, we're here for you."

"You don't have to be scared anymore, it's okay."

Jon turned back to them. They'd been gone so long now, he didn't know what to do anymore....

He guessed a good start would be to give them all the biggest hug he could.

B040- Jonathan Gulley- Got What He Wanted
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