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Jon felt the machete catch in Jae's hand, with a blade slicing along Jon's chest in return, forcing him to let go of the machete.

Regardless of the wounds across Jon's body, he felt great. He felt great after all this days of failing and messing up everything. He felt great after losing everyone he cared for. He felt great that he finally got to give someone his pain, the pain of the ones who died, and the pain of the ones who lost. He felt great that the recipient for it all absolutely deserved it.

He kept moving forwards, ready to force Jae to the ground and drown him in the filthy water below. His arms outstretched he brought himself towards him, ready to wrap his hands around Jae's throat. Jae had ducked below and dragged himself forwards, and then Jon felt it. Jae pushed the blade into his gut, forced it deeper, then pulled up, looking Jon in the eye.

Jon's eye widened in shock, his body going into convulsions and blood forced itself out of his mouth. Jon's hands wrapped around the handle as he looked down at the blade jammed into him. This was it.

It's over.

You lost Jon.

You're finished. Give up.

You have nothing left to fight him with. He won.

Jon looked back up and stared in Min Jae's eyes. This couldn't be it... Not like this, not this fast... Jon survived everything, even a bullet to the brain couldn't kill him, a-a-and it was just over, like that? He tried his hardest to hold on, he couldn't let Jae get away that easily.

Jon tried his hardest to focus, but it was all fading away so fast. This was it. He was done...

B040- Jonathan Gulley- Eliminated

Then again, has dying ever stopped him before?

Jon's eyes widened as his arms reached out, digging his nails into the flesh on the sides of Jae's head. He forced himself deeper on the blade to get closer, but he dragged Min Jae to him. He screamed as he opened his mouth, clenching his teeth along the gash on Jae's face, the taste of his iron mixing with the taste of Jae's.

"I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill you!"

Jae's screamed heightened in intensity as Jon tore his head away from Jae, chunks of meat stuck in Jon's teeth. Jon snarled as he pounced, forcing Jae to the ground as Jon brought his fingernails across Min Jae Parker, slashing his face left and right. He could feel the pressure of Jae pushing at the machete in his gut, but Jon didn't falter, he couldn't feel anymore form of pain at this point.

"Die, die, die! Just fucking die already!"

Even if Jon couldn't kill him, he would make him remember him, and remember everyone he hurt. Jae would feel the pain of one hundred dead classmates before he climbed out of this room.
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