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Why were they looking for a bunch of killers plus… Bryony? Bryony was a shy girl who was artistic, Emma vaguely remembered. But did she kill too? But there was a theme to that list, and Emma didn’t like it. Why would Bryony be on that list if she wasn’t a killer?

Emma gripped the gurney tighter at the mention of Jae’s name. She’d seen him, all right, a few days ago. She… wished she didn’t. The memory of Lily’s broken body came back, and Emma grimaced at the thought.

She tried to think of a good response to that. Should she tell them that she’d seen Jae a few days ago? For all she knew, they’d decided to team up. Dot and Fiyori were both there to kill Isabel, weren’t they? And Dorothy… she’d been unstable. Horrible, even. Some part of her doubted Fiyori was any better.

Before Emma could answer, though, she got another question. Emma’s eyes flicked towards Sabrina for a second.

“Yes,” she snapped, before repeating in a quieter tone. “Yes. Is there a reason you asked?”

Even if her voice wasn’t as snappish, she still felt tense. She had no idea if Fiyori or Alba would do something, but it was safe to assume they would. But Emma’s eyes again, flicked, again towards the sword.

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