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The door opened, and Emma flinched and opened her eyes.

She turned her head, to see two people standing in the doorway to the Art Therapy room. She tilted her head some, trying to parse them out. They both appeared to be girls, but one was tall and slender. The other, however, wore her hair in a ponytail. Emma’s tired eyes looked them over. For a moment, she even wondered if she was hallucinating again. But, then it hit her.

It was Fiyori and Alba. Fiyori was a killer. She honestly didn’t remember anything about Alba on the announcements, but she got the impression that it may have come up. She didn’t know anymore. What’s worse was that they had guns. Alba was holding a rifle, and it looked like Fiyori may have had something too.

And Fiyori chuckled, while looking right at them. As if there was something funny about it.

Emma’s eyes flicked for a second towards the gurney. She’d left her sword and bag on top, next to Sabrina. It made things easier for her. Emma considered grabbing it for a moment, before letting her eyes dart back to the other two.

She kept her hands tight on the gurney, and her feet placed tightly on the ground. She felt herself grimace.

“W… what are you doing?” she began, but tried again. “What do you want?”

Her eyes flicked back to the sword.

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