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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Volver]]

She had wished him a few but good final days of life. Fiyori wondered whether Keith got them. Doubted that, to be completely honest, but the thing that was on her mind the most was a question. How was it, dying? Dying by being slashed or what have you like Keith was.

Fiyori didn't know, and didn't have the time to think about it.

Alba had greeted two people, when she should have shot them. At least, that is what Fiyori thought briefly as she turned to face the newcomers.

Emma Luz - alive but only questionably well - and Sabrina Luz - very much not alive. They were twins, if Fiyori recalled correctly. She didn't know how it was to lose a twin. She didn't know how it was to have siblings, to be completely honest. There was a cousin in Washington but she didn't know much about him. In other words, he might as well not exist.

But for Emma, it would have to be different. Her family would had to have been her world. But now she had luz-t them all.

Fi chuckled. Very funny.
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