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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from Volver))

Well, this wasn't a pleasant sight.

Alba and Fiyori had begun their trek around the asylum looking for anyone who mattered to them, whether good or bad. They had made their way to the Art Therapy Room, and were instead confronted with three dead bodies. One with a hole in his head, one with her neck blown apart, and the last with his body slashed open. They were all in varying stages of decay, so it was clear a lot had gone on here over the last several days.

Alba felt a bit sick, but tried to swallow back any bile. Corpses were more common than the living now, but it was still hard to see a dead person. Maybe it was because some were more rotted than others, but Alba was starting to have enough of this room.

"Okay, no one's here," Alba told Fiyori. "Let's move on."

Alba walked back to the entrance of the room, keeping the rifle by her side. As she pushed the door open, she realized someone was out there. There was a girl there, lying next to a gurney with something covered on top. Alba knew the gurney and the girl weren't there when they walked inside, so this was strange.

"Um, hello?" she said to the person.

Alba didn't know this person that well, but figured there was a chance she was one of the few good people left. At least, she could hope so.
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