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((Emma and Sabrina Luz continued from Deep Below Ground, Where Memories Sleep))

A long time ago, Emma had a sister.

They were close to a year apart in age, but they’d always been in the same grade. No one skipped or anything, but what happened was that they were close enough in age that the school system decided that they were in the same grade. Emma had been born in the fall, but Sabrina had been born over the summer. It’d always been slightly odd to some. She remembered once that someone thought Sabrina was her twin sister. But, because they were in the same grade, it did play a role in how close they were. They’d almost always ended up in the same class together growing up, and even when they went to Junior High, they still found themselves taking the same classes at the same periods. It was something a little odd to think about now, to be honest, but she couldn’t help but think.

Her memories got more and more distant, but she remembered them. She remembered that Sabrina liked Gordon Ramsay. Emma stopped in thought for a moment, to remember who exactly he was. He was the angry British chef, right? The one who shouted, and came up with creative if cruel insults. But he had somewhat of a reason to do that. He’d won countless Michelin Stars, so he probably knew what he was talking about. It wasn’t like Emma didn’t pay attention to what Sabrina liked, it was just… she wasn’t sure of what exactly she remembered and what happened anymore.

Sure, she could remember a few other things. Sabrina had always been worried about her after her diagnosis. When Emma collapsed in... Freshman year, she thought it was? When Emma collapsed, it’d changed a lot of things at home. But Sabrina had been there for her, even then. Sometimes, she’d feel a little guilty that she’d insist on doing things like driving. Emma had always been a bit stubborn, she had to admit. And, well, she did like her independence. But, on the other, looking back… she missed Sabrina.

She wanted to miss everyone.

A lot of people had become monsters over time. They’d become cruel, selfish, and unfeeling. Emma was ashamed that they were part of her school. At the same time, those memories, dim and distant and fading as they were, were still there. She remembered little things. Singing along to songs from Frozen after a concert, but she barely remembered the words. Discussing ways to improve the school with the rest of the student council, but she couldn’t remember what they talked about. But, she remembered. It didn’t make her feel better. It made her feel worse, and uncertain.

Was she any better, either? Even now, when she closed her eyes, she saw Keith. But he was acting suspiciously, wasn’t he?

As her footsteps got slower, Emma leaned against the gurney a bit more. Walking felt automatic. A few times she closed her eyes, only to realize she’d moved a few feet ahead.

She wanted to remember Sabrina. But each time she did, Sabrina’s alive, happy face was replaced by the bloodied, putrefying body in front of her, covered by sheets. She wanted to remember the rest of her family. Tina, Lizzie. She still wasn’t sure if she was ready to forgive Lily, or if she’d ever be able to. She wasn’t sure where exactly she was taking Sabrina. Emma had been hoping that the beach would be a good spot. It was a nice place, but she remembered what happened there.

She stopped. Her legs still felt weak. Her eyes felt heavy.

They were close to the entrance now. There was a sign to her left that said, “Art Therapy.” She’d seen that same sign on her way in. For a moment, Emma stared off into space.

She wondered if she could find the bodies of the rest of her family. She knew where Lily’s was, and if it turned out it wasn’t a danger zone, she could go get it. It’d be a matter of finding Lizzie and Tina, then. Maybe that’s what she should have been doing. Not wallowing in anger and wanting revenge, but instead putting everyone to rest.

Emma closed her eyes, letting herself rest for a moment. Taking Sabrina up the steps and then carting her around had taken a lot of out of her. It’d only be for a moment. She hoped that moment would be enough, and that no one would come across them.

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