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Jon turned the corner and slashed down at Min Jae as he tried to shoot him. The bullet missed, and Jon's machete collided with the gun, knocking it out of Min Jae's hands. He slashed again, and Jae fell to the ground, narrowly missing getting his guts cut out of him. Jon poked the rifle with his machete, and slid it behind him, out of Jae's reach.

"He died so Alex wouldn't hunt me down too, for all the good that did, you don't know shit!" Jon wasn't angry at this point. He was... eccstatic, now, a large grin forming on his face, even if Jae tried to smile through it, he saw he was hurting him now, and it felt great.

He'd taken something from everyone he met. He wanted to do the right thing by Barry, he wanted to bring some justice to the dead like Michael, he learned how to hurt people from Alex,he wanted to atone for his sins like Brendan, he learned what fear was from Alessio, and he learned how to fight those fears like Coleen... Now it seems he's gone and taken his hatred from Min Jae.

"Bet it hurts you though... Bet I hurt you telling you that. You lost everyone because you're worthless, so you took it out on others. Your friends all died because you failed, so you wanted others to feel the same way? That's why Brendan had to die right?"

"Are you afraid Jae? You should be... All the people I've met, and the shit I've seen, the pain I felt, the pain they felt, I'm tired of holding onto it... I'm going to give it all to you."

He drug himself forward, disappearing behind the lockers again, circling Jae like a shark.

"How many ghosts are on your shoulders? How many people did you kill, how many people did you watch die? I've got a lot, and I can name them all, what about you? I bet you tried to repress it, you want to forget don't you? Or do you just want everyone to feel like you? There's nothing you can do to hurt me, but I can do everything to hurt you... You're selfish Jae, you're selfish and you're a coward, the biggest coward I've seen, and that's saying something, considering I made Alessio beg for his life... Get up."

As Min Jae got up and tried to catch his bearings, Jon leaped out from the shadows and struck, sending a slash along his back. Jae fell again. He tried to get back up and turn around, but Jon was already gone back into the shadows.

"You know it's easier to buy something from someone who died to save you, then it is to believe some bullshit from someone too scared to look someone in the eye when they killed them. You're funny, you know that? You called him a coward, yet here you are, you're all alone, shaking in those cheap boots, because you're afraid of some crippled fucking twink with half his face blown off ,because you killed someone who'd done nothing to you. You're scared Jae... You were scared in the solitary confinement wards, you were scared at the bell tower, and you're scared now. You should be too."

Jon struck again, and again Min Jae was forced into the ground, another mark tattooed on him from Jon's machete.

"It's not fun when you're the one who doesn't see it coming is it? Unlike you I looked the people I killed in the eyes, I didn't run away like you. I was there, I saw them die, like I saw the ones close to me die... You probably didn't even watch your friends go did you? You probably closed your eyes and hoped it was a bad dream, that it will all be over soon... Hah!"

Jon limped out of the shadows, and stared Jae down. He was tired of this, and he wanted it to end, one way or another.

"One way or another, you're going to see this... You won't be able to walk away without finishing it this time."
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