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Jon slid through the doorway, ducking to the right as a bullet slid right by him. Jon's suspicions were confirmed. He was in fact deaf in his left ear, considering how close the shot was, and the fact he only heard it from one side. Kind of sad he needed to be shot at to realize it, but there we go...

He decided to taunt Jae, to make him come to him. "Hurts, doesn't it!?" He ducked down, and started moving towards a pair of nearby lockers, staying low. His foot kicked something odd, and he reached down to pick it up. It looked like a knife, covered in some sort of gel... Was that an eyeball? There was something familiar about it, but Jon threw it to the side. He felt like he wouldn't get much use out of it.

He called out again. "How's it feel Min Jae? You like getting hit when your back's turned, you fucking coward?!" He continued to crawl low, watching out to make sure he doesn't mess his leg up worse than it already is. He couldn't stumble now. One second's mistake could end it all for him.

"Follow my voice! You're not scared of me are you?!" He yelled out, waiting for his target. He would lie low, strike Jae, and move somewhere else. Rinse and repeat. Brendan never deserved what happened to him, and Jae deserved everything that comes his way because of what he did. Once this was over, Jon would find a nice quiet place to lay down and die in, maybe tell Alba on the way there. But until then, he was here, and he wasn't going to let it all end this easily.

"What's taking you so long? Should I stand out in the open facing away from you? Would you actually be able to finish the job if I did?! Michael was right! You ARE bitchmade! Bet you used your friends as shields when they died too!"

Jon had finished taunting, and lowered himself, moving positions again. All he was going to do now was wait.

Come on you son of a bitch, you're gonna get it now. You're gonna feel the pain this entire island felt before you pass on.
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