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Jon waited for the footsteps to come closer. He lowered himself as best as he could with his messed up leg. Each step was coming closer behind him.

Jon knew he wasn't going to win this, and he knew he didn't want to anyways. What he didn't know was why he was still here, still holding on. It was something itching at the back of his head for a while now. Why'd he keep doing this? What was the point of it?

Jon was sure he'd never find the answer at this point, especially because Min Jae just walked in the door. Jae would turn around at any time, and it would be the end of it. Jon was weaker than him, and more injured, he couldn't win this. He couldn't...

Unless he whittled him down first.

Jon crouched low and remembered Jae's bad knee. At the very least, he could even things up for the moment.

Jon lurched forward, and slashed the back of Min Jae's knee open.

He didn't stay to hear him scream or rage, instead choosing to slither out like a spectre through the doorway, moving to the next room across the hall. Min Jae wanted to hunt him?

Then he would have to find him...
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