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Jon continued to ram his shoulder into the wall over and over, the pain driving him insane. Pops and cracks of his shoulder mingled with the smacks of the wall, the screams and grunts of Jon.

With a sound rivaling the noise he made falling from the bell tower, an intense pain flooded Jon, and he slid to the floor. He raised his arm, and moved his fingers. His shoulder was on fire, but his arm worked, for now. He took a deep breath, listening to nothing but the silence, and the ringing that was probably never going to leave.

He didn't have much of a breather, due to nearby footsteps, and the fact that Jon knew exactly who they belonged to. He slowly raised his arms above his head, grabbing the railing behind him with both of his arms, his left one burning in protest. He slowly pulled himself up, and putting his weight on his legs.

He put too much on his broken one, and it snapped right under him. Jon screamed through closed lips, muffling a mixture of anger, pain, and pleading. He dropped to the ground again, and slowly pulled himself back up. His arms and working leg dragged him along the wall, his broken one sliding behind like the tail of a slug.

He looked behind him, and saw Jae going down the steps.

Jon ducked into a nearby room that smelled of death and something else. He hid behind the corner of one of the doorways, machete ready.
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