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((Blair Moore continued from Toxic))

The asylum was just as she remembered it, dimly lit, cavernous, creepy, and generally awful. Plus, by now the sickening smell she'd come to connect to corpses wafted through the entire place. Asylum literally referred to a sanctuary or a safe place; the irony in the use of the phrase to describe human rights violations in building form was palpable.

Even in the context of Blair's life, it was farcical. A safe place on this island was about as available as an airplane ride home. There were so many dead people here by now. One of them, of course, was probably Georgia Lee Day. Blair's second victim.

Walking up the stairs back to the doctor's offices, Blair found Georgia Lee's corpse in a different position than expected. Had the announcement described her bleeding out? Maybe. Blair had no idea, but it was either that or someone moved her around postmortem for god-only-knows-what-reasons. People did crazy things. Like murder defenseless classmates!

It was hard for Blair to articulate her feelings, standing over a dead girl's body while biting her lip. She knew, rationally, it was a bad thing to have done. Duh. Shooting people is not okay. But there were other ways she could justify herself. Accident, maybe, but she could also try to blame it on the situation. Sure, she'd overreacted entering the room, but Georgia Lee had been pulling out a weapon. It was a misjudgment, but not an unfounded one.

Overall, the most disturbing thing about the incident wasn't that Blair had murdered someone in a reckless pull of the trigger, but that she was struggling to recall the emotion from that situation. She couldn't find it in her to feel bad. No tears, no sorrow. Not even that much regret. A girl was dead, but in the end, it didn't really matter who killed her, did it? It could just as well have been literally anyone else on the island. Blair was responsible, but was she guilty?

Blair stood there for a long time. Eventually she went back downstairs.


Hindsight 20/20, right?

Staying upstairs was probably safer, since by her logic most of the survivors were probably more inclined to stick to the exits. The therapy rooms off to the right weren't a great place to hide out for that reason, but Blair had honestly not been thinking about her path at the time.

Rounding the corner, though, Blair was jolted out of her musings by the sound of steps in the room. She raised her SMG, which was still in her hand, though honestly it had been so close to her for so long she'd forgotten about it. Saying something about familiarity in violence was probably appropriate here, but she didn't care.

Blair's immediate thought was to turn and book it. Her survival past this point was reliant on her wits. Everyone left with a shot at winning would be showing no mercy. Eliminating the competition.


Blair had the drop on whoever was in there if anyone, as far as she could tell; she wasn't a loud walker, but the damn building was awfully good for loud echoes. Hard to say; if it was an ambush, better to go the other way. But if they were harmless or an off-guard killer, she'd have the advantage. Gambles weren't like her, but contemplating murder wasn't either, as much as she threatened her little sister with it on occasion.

Blair poked her head around the corner, the muzzle of the gun just below her scrutinizing eyes. There was a lot of broken glass, a horrible stench of corpses and a few actual bodies visible from this angle. There was a body right in the middle of the room, and from the look of it, she'd not been dead long. And since Blair had arrived through the only entrance...

From her vantage point, she couldn't quite see if there was anyone in there. Of course, it wasn't impossible that the killer had made an exit well before she'd arrived. Blair wasn't exactly a forensic scientist, the girl could've been dead for minutes or hours and she wouldn't know the difference. There was a good-sized part of her mind saying to leave. That was probably the smart part of her.

Instead, Blair dipped back behind the corner, and tried to keep from breathing loudly without choking herself, a feat easier said than done. Was she going to fight, or what? What did she get out of it? Removal of an enemy, or possibly killing innocent just 'cause. They'd die anyway, a part of her said, but that part was an asshole.

Were they right?
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