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Time had passed but Kimiko wasn't sure how much. No one else had entered her corner of the asylum, not since the girl had been murdered. Kimiko hadn't taken another look at her body since she had taken the assault rifle.

((Kimiko Kao continued from Autoscopy))

It was a big bulky gun, but with that Kimiko knew it possessed the ability to take a life in an instant. All she had to do was hold down the trigger and more bullets would roar forth then anyone could react to. That was of course only if she needed to and if the one-on-one therapy rooms continued to stay as abandoned as they were she would have no need for it. Sitting around surrounded by the ghosts of the asylum made Kimiko uncomfortable but it was the safest option she had available.

It had been a good plan for as long as she had been using aside from the one encounter she had been involved with. Luckily that had ended safely for her only due to her own cowardice and avoidance of confrontation.

She took a drink and looked around the observation room from where she was sat, it would have been a sterile room when the asylum was in use, or at least as sterile as an asylum would have been back then. It felt weird sitting in a room that had once been used to watch people but now all the surroundings rooms contained nothing but corpses.

Kimiko rubbed her eyes and stretched her legs out, trying to work some feeling back into them after sitting on the cold, hard floor for what felt like an age. She stood up and bent down at the waist to touch her toes, feeling the muscles go taut at the back of her legs. A life of gymnastics allowed her to be naturally flexible which she assumed had helped her avoid injury during her time on the island but she didn't want to risk going too long without even trying to stretch.

It wouldn't be too long now she assumed. It had to end soon and she would need to be ready for when that happened. She was a target, everyone knew about her and no matter how prepared she thought she was something could have always gone wrong.

So she needed to stay alert and not loose her focus. Every encounter had the potential to be deadly and she couldn't fail now. Not after so long.
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