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(( Jonathan Gulley, continued from No Rest for the Obsessed.))

Jonathan Gulley knew he was as good as dead. There was no point to leave, but his body wouldn't listen to him, it was on auto pilot. His mangled body slid along the wall, leaving a smear of blood as it drug itself across it. His entire left side was destroyed by the fall, his arm was dislocated, and he was pretty sure his leg was broken... It hurt his chest to breath on that side, his eye was gone as it had been for so long, and now he was pretty sure he couldn't hear out of that ear, there was a feint ringing in the other.

His right arm was dragging him along, holding the railing with the machete between his fingers. It wasn't a good grip, and he found himself falling multiple times, but it was the only thing guiding him at this point. He saw a doorway to a dark area, and thought it best to hide there.

Hide from what? He wasn't going to survive the night. He wondered why he couldn't just be dead now, why? Everything's been thrown at him, and he's still here. Why couldn't anyone finish the damn job?!

He took one step down into the basement, and tumbled all the way down the stairs into the murky waters below. He laid under the water, his body not moving. His lungs protested for air, but he ignored it. He would choose to end this himself... He would...

He would just pop his head out of the water and gasp for air, wouldn't he? He was tired of this. He was tired of running, and tired of pretending he had any actual value whatsoever. He was tired of the fact that even though he wanted this to end, something gnawed at him, it wouldn't let him. Why? Let Min Jae win... You know what? He deserves it. He worked hard to kill everyone he saw and hurt his friends and... He deserved to be alone. That was his special place in hell, let him win, let him realize what it feels like to be a winner. Give up Jon, you're finished.

His arm pulled himself up by another railing. He wouldn't though. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't let himself. He would hold on until it was over, and that was that. He could at least try to fix himself, he realized.

He looked at his left shoulder, and a nearby wall... Even if he was probably going to die, he wanted to take Min Jae down with him, and he couldn't do that with one arm.

This was probably going to hurt worse than everything else that's happened to him, combined, and he wouldn't get the luxury of going unconscious to avoid it this time.

Jon took a deep shaky breath, and forced his arm into the wall. In return the wall gave a loud whacking sound that was only half as loud as his screaming.
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