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He nodded and backed away, keeping his eyes on her the entire time. She did the same. He was smart that much was obvious, he thought and considered the same things she did.

But then he was fine and she was alone again. She didn't have a problem with that. He was dangerous and the longer he stayed the chance of violence occurring ticked steadily up. It was a risk that wasn't worth taking against someone who possessed greater firepower than her and the brains to put it to use.

Kimiko waited until his footsteps had long vanished into the depths of the asylum before she moved. Sliding back around the edge of the window and into the observation room once more. Moving to the door she gently brought the handle down and opened it, stealing a glance outside.


Creeping out, gun ready and tantō in her pocket she moved until she found the girl's corpse. He had beaten her badly, her face wasn't recognisable to Kimiko in the state it was. She could have prevented the girl's death multiple times but she has done nothing, instead prioritising her own safety.

It was how things were now. Still Kimiko looked around the room the girl lay in. Her reward was near instant. An assault rifle lay against the far wall it must have been knocked aside or discarded during the fight. Pocketing her pistol Kimiko picked it up. It felt heavy in her hands. A quick search of the girl's possessions granted her ammunition to go with it.

So she was a cowardly scavenger now.

Regardless she returned to the observation and sat examining her boon as well as listening for anyone's approach.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))
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