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A new emotion bubbled to the surface. It wasn’t suspicion, like how she felt when he came in. It wasn’t frustration, like how she felt when he dodged answering her questions. But it was equally unpleasant all the same.

Keith collapsed to the floor. A fresh feeling of nausea hit as Emma realized. She hit him. She had no idea how bad it was, but the dim beam cast by his dropped flashlight showed that there was a lot of red seeping from the blow. Emma knew a cut like that could be dangerous. Depending on how deep it was, it could cause an infection, or organ damage. It could cause shock, too. Point was, Keith was injured, and worse, Emma wasn’t sure how bad it was.

And worse still? She had no idea what to do about it. On one hand, he was acting suspicious and unhelpful. On the other, he was still hurt, and she was the one who did it. Emma stared at the wound, her eyes wide open. Could she apply first aid? Could she make him leave, even with his injury? Could she even… finish the job?

That feeling came back. It reminded her of Mabes, of the seagull, of Alessio. Emma gulped. Her throat felt a little dry.

She took another step backwards. Her eyes flicked to the sword, still in her hands. It gleamed a matching dark red in the dim light. Her heart pounded in her ears, her breathing seemed to go faster and faster. She’d attacked him, but she had no idea where to go from here.

“I… didn’t…” she started, but couldn’t finish.

Like Keith, it wasn’t helpful. ‘Didn’t’ what? Mean to? Want to? Want to be here? Trust you? But she kept the grip on the sword tight. Maybe it was better to finish the job, maybe he was still capable of attacking.

She didn’t know anymore.

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