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Nate staggered back from the bookcase he’d thrown himself at, needing an extra step to regain his balance from the clumsy manoeuvre done on empty batteries. Despite everything, he still found himself wincing in sympathy as the books crashed down on Min-Jae and sent him to the floor.

His first instinct was to reach out, offer to help. He stopped himself, because he had to, but guilt was creeping up on him. After all, he’d already claimed he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.

“Sorry.” he said, loud enough for Jae to hear but only just that. He stayed where he was, trying to remember what he was supposed to be doing, when he caught sight of the crossbow that three times had been used in an attempt to kill him.

He didn’t want to be doing this, but he didn’t want to die either.

The thought stayed with him for a moment, until he was finally able to get moving again. He ran, all the way out of the library, away from Min-Jae, and further into the madhouse.

((Nate Turner continued in Darkness in the Light))
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