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Something had gone wrong. He wasn't able to process if he had misjudged where Emma was or if he had just moved too slowly. What he was aware of was the sudden pain and the vague awareness in his ears of a wet squishing sound. He could feel his throat and jaw clenching in response to the pain, but he couldn't hear if he was making any sounds.

Emma had cut him open. She wasn't like Lizzie at all even if they were family.

He barely felt when his knees hit the ground. The pain was meaningless compared to the feeling in his guts. He had to get up, but if he did Emma would probably just finish him off. His wound couldn't be that bad. He just needed to keep alert for a bit.

He turned his head to try and see if she was still close and ready to attack.

It was dark. He'd dropped the flashlight.

He groaned.
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