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His eyes were focused on the sword. Swords could kill. Emma could kill him right now, just like Jasmine could have killed him a week ago. Everything was just repeating over and over. The library wasn't far at all, but he wasn't going to just drop to the ground and beg this time around. If he could just get himself together he could explain everything to Emma.

He took a step back.

How was he supposed to know she'd run off when he wasn't looking?

His head ached.

"I didn't- she surprised me." He waved his arms for emphasis, trying to say the things his mouth wasn't able to.

He felt sweat dampening his shirt.

The words weren't coming out right and Emma had the sword. He had to get through to her. The sword wasn't help anything.

His arm shot out towards her wrist. Getting rid of the sword would defuse the situation. It had to.
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