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Well, that was surprising. Why it surprised Fiyori was surprising in itself but oh well, oh well. To think that Alba had never gotten the opportunity to enjoy the blurry haze of being drunk. That light-headed feeling, the confidence in oneself, and the loss of one's fine motor skills. Truly the grandest feelings in the world. More reason to fetch Alba and get her to the pub, but there was the problem with the danger zone again.

Fiyori rubbed her chin.

"Well, I've got this fancy gun with a scope on it. You know, the one with which I shot Caedyn. And Liv."

Aside from the Raging Bull, she also had another fire arm, but she had yet to use it in any capacity.

"Then there's this weird sci-fi gun, but it looks weird so I haven't worked with it yet. Finally, I kinda have a few lock picks left?"

Fiyori scratched her head. She could have sworn there was a shovel as well, but then she remembered that it was Georgia Lee's. Not worth the trouble picking it up, to be honest.
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