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The third bolt went clean through the shelves Nate had been hiding behind. It went over the pile of tomes he'd pulled down, and impacted without remorse.

Luckily, Nate had already moved.

He kept his head down, powering through the panic that tried to make him squeal out again. His head was swimming, poisoned by the adrenaline and terror, and he wanted nothing more than to sit down and rest.

He didn’t want Min-Jae to find him, though.

He was doing his best to catch his breath without breathing out loud, but it was no good. Any second now, he’d buckle over and not be able to pick himself back up again. He was more exhausted than he’d ever been.

He heard footsteps. Picked his head up. Saw a figure on the other side of the books.

He pulled his hands up to cover his mouth, eyes drawing back into his skull. All Min-Jae had to do was turn around, look down, and he’d be seen. If he ran, he’d probably get heard. If he stayed still, he’d get spotted. If he started crying, they’d both happen at once. He was trapped.

Through whatever combination of fear and fatigue, a thought entered his mind. With no clue where the idea came from, but no time to come up with another, he took two steps back, braced his body, and threw himself at the bookshelf between them.
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