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Okay, so he hadn’t seen him? Maybe? Was he telling the truth? No Alessio, ever? Well, he did mention Fiyori. Who did Fiyori kill again? She was one of the people who killed Isabel, wasn’t she? Did she kill anyone else? Emma was drawing a blank. On one hand, Emma still felt relieved that Isabel was gone, as strange as it felt when she heard the news. On the other, Dorothy had been one of them, too, and…

Emma tensed up at the thought. Even more than she already did.

But something got her attention. She raised her head a bit more.

“What about her?” she asked.

Her voice came out snappish. It was strange that he brought her up specifically. She’d lost friends, cousins, a sister. Lizzie had been important to her, of course. But something was up, if he had something to say about her in particular.

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