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Fiyori looked at Alba, bit her lips a bit and nodded. It was a fine measure indeed. Make it to tomorrow night. Just as Fiyori so often said to herself 'make it to the next weekend' when school got too annoying.

So how would they make it to tomorrow night?

Well, for one this could've been taken as asking for tactics. For some sort of survival strategy Fiyori'd propose and Alba improved and then they both (successfully, maybe?) executed.

Of course, there was something else she'd rather do but alas...

"Copious amounts of alcohol, but the pub's closed as it seems. Would've been nice to hammer ourself and play a few drinking games."

She did not mention that the last time she drank something from the pub's reservoir she got so pissed at Olivia that she shot her.

Though maybe that was exactly what she would have needed.

"In lieu of that, maybe it's time to get some battle plans ready?"
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