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Nate pressed against another bookcase, still trying to figure out how much distance there was between himself and Min-Jae. His fingers wrapped around a shelf, holding on for dear life, as his eyes darted back and forth for signs of life that wanted to take his.

Min-Jae was shouting, but what he was demanding made no sense. Nate wasn’t trying to bother him in the first place, he was just trying to say hello. He was the one being chased around with a crossbow for no reason.

How was he supposed to leave him alone!?

He stayed put, listening for the sounds of footsteps. Nothing came, just a terrible quiet, the only noise being the boys’ mutual wheezing. He clenched his eyes, fear forcing them shut, as his teeth pressed against each other.

This was what he’d been spending the last few days preparing himself for, what he’d said to so many people by now that he was ready and willing to face. Right up until now, dying had just seemed like something that was going to happen, and it would be the end of all this suffering.

Damn it, he really was an idiot.

He shook his head, disgusted at how naïve he’d been. He opened his eyes again, looking around. He had to get out of there.

He pulled away from the shelf, ready to keep moving, but as he did so, his hands caught the top of the books on the shelf below the one he’d been grabbing. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to knock them down onto the floor below.

It wasn’t loud, but it had broken the silence.
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