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"Hm? Oh well, I haven't counted, but I think we should be less then twenty students left by now."

That fact - or assumed fact - appeared way harsher now that she spoke it out aloud. Fiyori begun massaging her temples.

"It's just a feeling I got so don't quote me on it but I feel this will all be over by tomorrow."

Did that seem realistic? Now, Fiyori didn't particularly care. But given that she had already talked about it, she felt it should be.

There were like, what, 100 students on the trip. Every day, eight or nine of them died. Given the announcements today, they were on day ten. In other words, eighty to ninety students died, leaving ten to twenty alive.

She'd have appreciated some help from the ominous voice at this point.

Still, if she wasn't catastrophically wrong, nine-ish will day again that day, and on the other day... well, then it would have whittled down to one.

Yea, just about right?
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