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Fiyori traced Alba walking to the wall and leaning against it. As she made her solemn comment, Fiyori nodded, and did the same. She walked towards the other side of the doorway, and leaned against that part of the wall. Then, she turned her head towards Alba, her arms crossed.

"Not with that attitude."

She smiled a bit. Not 'cause it was a particular funny or insightful comment. No, it was fairly hypocritical. After all, who was the one who wanted to die all the time and ended up living with that attitude, at least so far? Yea, kinda weird. But still...

What the hell was Fiyori supposed to say?

"Since I can remember, I really wanted to die." She continued bluntly. "At least, my plans were to jump myself off - dunno - Hoover Dam or something after graduation." Fiyori shrugged once again. Then, after a split second of silence she broke out in laughter. "Guess I ain't ever doing that either, eh?"

After her spirits died down a bit again, Fiyori tried her best to conclude her hazy point.

"If you turn seventeen or not... well, not really in your power if you think about it. But I have a feeling we'll know tomorrow evening."
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