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Alba nodded when Fiyori asked her to draw the conclusion. It made sense, a bit. She didn't know Fiyori that well before this game, and their one tie was lying under a sheet on the bed in the room. She could expect a partnership to last while it mattered, but she shouldn't rule out that Fiyori would turn on her. Friends had already turned against her, so why wouldn't Fiyori?

At least Fiyori hoped someone else would kill Alba first.

"Yeah, I'd actually prefer the same. Not that I'd want you to die, but, y'know."

Alba walked over to the wall by the doorway and pressed her back to it.

"Is it weird to be thinking this casually about our deaths? I mean, before all of this I was just thinking about getting a part time job this summer and what I'd do for my seventeenth birthday."

Alba paused. The thought seemed so far away from everything here, but it still made her think of home.

"I'm never going to turn seventeen, am I?"
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