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Heya, Ryuki! These are really, really cool. Some folks tipped me off to your DA gallery when you joined, and I went and poked through the art there. You're great at capturing characters in iconic ways (and I knew a dude in high school who wore exactly the same Green Day shirt Cristobal has).

I'm terrible at appearances and tend to do them last of all when creating characters, and I sadly didn't have it together enough to play in V6, but I was wondering if you might be willing to add someone who was left behind to your list (and no worries at all if not; I don't take offense :) ). Barbara Gunnerson played in a band and her boyfriend got shot and stuff. Here's her appearance:

BB Gunnerson
Juliette Sargent
Alton Gerow
Lavender Ripley
Phillip Olivares
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