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Nate squealed again as another bolt flew past, slicing through the air inches from his shoulder. Between his heart pounding in his ears and what felt like a maze of bookshelves, it was impossible to keep a bead on Jae’s location.

He pressed himself against a shelf, chest heaving as he tried to listen for footsteps. “Is this it?” he thought to himself, in between the whimpers. Had this been what it had all been building up to? All the depression, fear, and agony over the past few days, just to get shot by someone he didn’t even know?

“Why are you doing this?” he called out, giving no thought to how it might assist his stalker. “I’m not trying to kill anyone! I don’t want to! I don’t want to hurt you!”

He felt his legs giving way, his back starting to slide down the shelf. The instinct to curl up into a ball and cry was overwhelming, as if that would solve anything. It had never solved anything when people picked on him, and it wasn’t going to save his life now.

So what was he supposed to do instead?

He checked around a corner for Min-Jae, saw nothing, and kept running.
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