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Can you hear me?
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Emma tilted her head again.

“That wasn’t what I was asking,” she said. “I was asking about… did you see him? That’s what I’m asking. I didn’t say anything about you… hanging around him?”

That response was very specific, as if he thought that was what the question was. As if he had to defend himself for some reason. Why, she didn’t know. It was an odd response, and one Emma didn’t like. It was, again, too specific, but it didn’t truly answer the question. Was he avoiding it?

“Let me ask again: did you see anyone?”

She hoped that this wasn’t a part of some trap Alessio or someone else had set up. It didn’t seem like anyone was here, other than her and Keith. Why would Alessio and Keith do something together? Still no idea. There was an off-chance he’d been ordered to go here too, but she didn’t know. But she inhaled inward, waiting for his response. The sword continued to shake in her hands.

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