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Emma was closer now. He could make out that she had something in her hands. A sword maybe? It definitely could be. Joshua had been killed with a sword.

Anyone else? Of course he'd seen other people. You'd have to be either incredibly lucky or unlucky to not have seen anyone at this point. He wasn't sure which would be worse. No people meant no Nancy's or Isabel's, but it also meant not meeting anyone decent like Lizzie or Ty.

He thought Emma was staring at him. It almost made him think she could read his mind and know he had thought about Lizzie.

Seen Alessio? Hell no, and that was a good thing.

"I don't hang out with murderers," he responded defensively. Why would she think he was with that guy. It was ridiculous. The only murderer he'd spoken with was Fiyori and luckily he'd gotten that over and done with quickly.
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