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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from The Ten Duel Commandments))

"Hi, Brendan," Alba said, staring at the body laying under the sheets on the bed. "I didn't think I'd be back so soon."

Alba sighed. She really didn't expect to come back here. It was a random thought that brought her and Fiyori back to this room. She and Fiyori were making their way out of the asylum, away from the lab where Caedyn's body rested, when Alba thought about their supplies. They had gone through quite a bit in the last few days, and the recent incident took away a bit more of their medical supplies. Not only that, but food and water was becoming more and more depleted, and Alba wanted to ensure they could hold out for the remainder of the game.

That's when she remembered something: Brendan had a bag that she completely left behind in the wards when he died. He had a kit, food, and water still in the bag. He also had a gun, which was still probably stashed in. They made their way back upstairs and soon found the ward. Sure enough, Brendan's bag was still in the room, right where Alba forgot it.

"Hey, can you check the bag? Is everything still there?" she asked Fiyori.

She turned back to Brendan and stared at it. It was still hard to believe he had been dead for a whole day.
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