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Hello, everyone! You were expecting Yugi's game, but you got me instead. My game's a lot more lax in terms of number of people involved, and in view of the current bitterness in mafia right now, it was agreed that it's probably for the best if I go first.

Anyways, uh, sign-ups for Worm Mafia go here, if that wasn't clear. Worm is a web serial (can be found here) that's basically about a well-meaning supervillainess and her team, trying to make the cut in a world full of really really big fish. This game is gonna be primarily concerned with the first Slaughterhouse Nine arc, which is roughly chapters 12-14.

Basic rules are pretty much the same, and mostly borrowed from Vyse and MW's games. NAR will be used for action resolution.

As for the unique stuff:

1. The game is role madness. There will be no vanilla, on town or on scum.
2. Flavor will be drawn exclusively from superheroes/supervillains who are present in Brockton Bay during the Slaughterhouse Nine arc. Scum are drawn exclusively from the ranks of the Slaughterhouse Nine; town may be drawn from any of the other superheroes/villains.
3. Depending on game size, there may or may not be hybrid/modified roles (for example, a commuting cop would be a hybrid role. No, there will not be a commuting cop, cuz that's fricking ridonculous. Modifiers include things like 'weak', 'loved', 'hated', etc.).
4. Due to the effects of Bonesaw's agnosia fog, only scum will have knowledge of their own flavor: town will not know what their own flavor is, though they may know their general group/alignment (Travelers, Undersiders, Protectorate, etc.) (EDIT: On second thought, even this amount of info is enough for someone with flavor knowledge to figure out their flavor). That's not actually how the agnosia fog works, but I needed an excuse to minimize the effect of flavor claims on this game, cuz knowing flavor gives you an extremely good chance of correctly guessing the power role (to use someone who doesn't appear in this arc and won't be in this game, Dragon is an obvious candidate for inventor). That and I hate flavor massclaims anyways. Flavor will be revealed upon death.
5. Activity requirements will be raised to 8 meaningful posts/day. First unexcused failure to meet activity requirements will receive a prod, second will receive a modkill.

Signups will run until 24 hours after I get back from vacation, which will be on the...19th? I think? Not imposing a minimum or a maximum on the number of people joining. This is my first time modding, so I apologize if things aren't perfectly balanced.

With that out of the way, have at!


1. Yugi
2. Cicada
3. Deamon
4. Kermit
5. CBP
6. Primrosette
7. Skraal
8. MurderWeasel
9. frogue
10. Randomness
11. Riki
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