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Alba wasn't sure how she could feel so enthusiastic right now. Yeah, Fiyori's anger and desire to kill Jae was understandable, and Alba more than anyone here probably had reasons to want to see him dead. But right now, she couldn't even feel mad. Even knowing that Caedyn, another one of her roller derby teammates, had tried to kill her didn't make her mad.

Through all of this, all she could feel was emptiness. She was upset about everything that happened, but she was starting to find it so rote that she wasn't even sure she could cry about it. Maybe someday she would, or maybe she'd never again, but she wanted to know there was something that could at least make her feel something raw and human again.

Fiyori gave some parting advice about how they act, and how thinking and talking about what they do wasn't going to help. Alba had to agree. There were probably less than twenty kids left, and if that included dangerous people like Jae, then there was no need to talk.

As Fiyori walked out, Alba quickly gathered her items. She quickly threw the hoodie on, feeling the remote to the bomb patting against her side as she did, then slung the bags over her shoulder. She picked up the rifle, and followed after Fiyori.

The time to act was now, and Alba had to fully commit to it. She couldn't just talk about doing things or who she and everyone else were right then. She had to act, while there was still time to.

((Alba Reyes continued in Volver))
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