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"You should try and come up with some enthusiasm."

Seriously, for someone that killed their friend Alba was surprisingly not very aveng-y about Min-Jae. Ah, well. It was how it was. Fiyori had her way, Alba had her way - and though they felt differently they walked the same path. Funny stuff, really. Laughing matter, really, but laughing right now would've probably killed Alba.

What with all the grime in Fiyori's mouth. No reason to throw that against Alba.

Either way, she couldn't help but spare a little chuckle for herself and lifted herself on her feet.

"Wanna know a funny thing I learned? We act 'cause we feel we should act. All that thinking and philosophizing is just fancy bull-icing."

Life lessons with Fiyori Senay. Should've been her next radio show. She patted Alba's head and went past her.

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