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Nate waited for a response, even though he hadn’t asked a question. It was because he didn’t know how to move the conversation forward himself, struggling to find something to say after admitting they were all a bit mad. It didn’t seem natural to make small talk after that.

He was about to speak again, maybe try to find out a name at least, but he was cut off by Jae’s motion. “What are you doing?” he asked, but didn’t get a response. Jae aimed, and that’s when it hit him.

He let out a shrill squeal, scrambling behind the bookcase and to his knees as a copy of A Farewell to Arms sailed cleanly over his head, bolt lodged between the bindings.

“What are you doing? Stop it!” he shouted past the books shielding him from sight, panic rising as fast as he had ducked. He started to repeat ‘oh God’ under his breath, thoughts freezing up right as they needed to go fast. His eyes darted for something, anything, but in the end he just ran blindly, further into the shelves that separated him from his attacker.
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