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For a brief moment, Serena had him. If she had just hit him the neck, she could have killed, but instead she hit him in face over and over again. She wanted him to hurt, to feel what his victims felt when he took their lives like it was nothing. But then he took a killer grip on her hair and dragged her down to the floor. She felt the weight on, but she never stopped swinging at him or screaming for that matter. It was all about the hurt now.

And then the punches rained down on her continuesly, her face was bludgeoned over and over by him. Her eyes went to black as he punched. She felt her mouth go numb and her nose broke and teeth loosen.

"Sto-" She tried to say before a side hit to the head stopped her. He just continued and continued. Her mind felt like a haze. She needed to do something. She tried stabbing with the scissors, but he wouldn't stop. Panic spread through her like wildfire.

there must have been something she

If she just





Serena Waters deceased
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