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This might have been the first time he was ever in a real fight. An actual, life or death situation - that was something he'd never gotten into before. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, maybe something like this might have happened. Today - well, most people wouldn't even imagine something like this going on. Not for something as simple and understandable as survival. The simplicity of it, really, robbed it of the virtue of being understood. In the 21st century? This?

Yes! Of course. He tackled her, doing everything in his power to get the gun out of her hands. And when he did, he tried to stand up. And when he tried to fire it? A can to the face. Matt let out a short screech of pain, yelling and dropping the gun, cursing and clutching his face. And then she was on top of him, stabbing him in the face. This was the first time he'd ever seriously been wounded - flailing, he managed to grab her by the hair and pull. And then he was on top of her. Still fighting, stabbing him. Screaming from who knows anymore.

And whatever he could do to her then, he did. He started beating her, not even thinking about the gun he still had anymore.
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