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He lunged at her like a madman. Eyes filled with hate and murder. He tackled her to the ground; wrestling for the gun as fiercely as he could. She crashed down hard on the ground, the pain in her leg becoming unbearable. The feeling reverberated through her as if to say you fucked up dumbass. Eventually he yanked it out of her hands and stumbled over her trying to get up. She saw that her bag had flown off into the doorway when he hit her. Realising this, Serena did the first thing that came to her mind.

Serena hurriedly crawled over and zipped open and flung her bag's contents onto the ground. She made a grab for the two first things she could get. The can of sprite and some scissors. Once Matt started getting up, his head turned towards her with the gun in his hands, Serena threw the can at his face, nailing him around the eyes before forcing herself up and lunging at him with the scissors, wildly stabbing and slashing at him.

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