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Keith moved the flashlight closer to her. Was she holding something? She could have a weapon, and while the announcements indicated that if she did she probably hadn't used it, you never could tell. Every killer on the island had killed someone for the first time once. He breathed and out during the pauses in their conversation.

Why the cafeteria? He didn't know. He just wandered. He didn't want to be where Fiyori could find him again, but the cafeteria itself? He didn't really have a reason. No one was expecting him elsewhere, so he just kept moving.

He shrugged.

"Don't have anywhere else to be."

It probably wasn't a good answer. Having no reason for something didn't make people trust you, but he didn't really have a reason to be there. Part of him wanted to take off on Emma, but Lizzie had been kind to him.

He had to try with her.
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