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More shots came flying down. Serena could barely count her luck on how she hasn't been killed yet. She had slumped into another room as the shots echoed all over. Boom. Boom. Before the sound of clicking came instead. He shouted once more. That's all they've been doing since they found each other. Must have sounded; hell probably were insane. Him mostly though. Not her.

"Because I thought there was some actually humanity in you back then! If I knew what I know now, I would have run you both over!" Oh, if she had known, if only she had known. Then both Aiden and Mel would have been here and not this horrid excuse of a person.

She heard the sound of something hitting the floor and it clicked in her mind. Had he gone out of ammo? She can get him right now and he's done for! She hobbled outside the room and used the wall for support as she edged closer to the door of his room. It was difficult as her right leg almost gave out on her and the spikes of pain, as if someone were peeling out the insides. She held a firm grip on her gun with her left hand, her right hand on the wall. It would all be worth it.

Once she got close enough to see the inside, she could see the hint of flannel to the side. She fired into it, her hands shaking so much that her aim was going all over the place. Her beathing erratic as the pain in her leg started pounding at her. "Just give up Matt and I'll make it quick!"
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