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Matt started laughing. That dumb bitch. Figures that the moment she decides to try and kill him is the moment she decides to start shouting. "Call half the fucking island over here, why don't you?" he yelled, ducking out again, firing another two shots. Pulling back he realized that he hadn't been keeping track of how many times he'd fired this thing. Once at the tower.. another time at the beach - he couldn't remember how many times he fired at her when this whole thing started. Once, maybe? That's three.. four right now. Seven.

He ducked out again, firing another shot. And when he tried to fire it again - the clicking starting. He pulled back, throwing the shotgun to the ground. Getting closer. This was bad.

Matt spoke what might as well be his last words.

"You're a fucking idiot - you know that? - the only reason Aiden's dead is because you didn't kill me back at the gym. You dumb fuck!"
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